Paul Ryan
  • Sound familiar? The Ryan budget would lead to higher taxes for middle-class families

    The House Republican budget claims to balance the budget in 10 years but the math just doesn’t add up. How does a plan that gives a new tax cut to the wealthiest Americans, without identifying a single tax loophole to close achieve any meaningful deficit reduction? The answer, while unfair, is not at all unfamiliar to GOP budgets—their plan requires a major tax increase on middle class families of more than $2000. The Ryan budget cuts taxes for the wealthy even more than Mitt Romney’s 2012 proposal, which could not have been paid for without raising taxes on the middle class. Paul Ryan is fond of saying his budget is all about tough choices. Again, Republicans and Paul Ryan has chosen to slash taxes for the wealthiest Americans and place the entire burden of deficit reduction on programs benefiting the middle class, seniors, and vulnerable Americans.

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  • The House Republican budget: Putting the wealthiest Americans before the middle class…again

    The House Republican budget is more of the same failed policy that the American people decidedly rejected when they cast their ballots last November. Deficit reduction that asks nothing from the wealthiest Americans while slashing vital services like Medicare and Medicaid for the most vulnerable Americans is not what the country wants, and it will not help the economy continue to grow. The Ryan–Republican–Tea Party budget does not ask for a single dime of deficit reduction from closing tax loopholes for the wealthiest Americans or biggest corporations. We’ve tried this top down approach before, and it crashed our economy. Republicans ran on this approach last fall, and they lost overwhelmingly. Yet here they are—back at it—yet again.

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  • Souper Unhelpful

    Thanks to GOP Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan, we’ve been reminded once again that details matter. Details like, “Are the pots and pans I am scrubbing already clean?” or “Does anyone actually want me to be here right now?”

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