• How the Shutdown-Default Gambit is Playing in the States

    From coast-to-coast, the GOP plans to gut Obamacare or risk a government shutdown and default on our obligations is getting panned by local TV and print media outlets. Their plan has been called called ‘insanity,’ ‘stupid,’ ‘train wreck,’ an ‘ideological temper tantrum’ and worse by regional media outlets. While Republicans in Washington are risking shutdown and default to please the Tea Party, Americans recognize how dangerous these GOP policies are and wholeheartedly reject their plan. Earlier this week, a CNBC Poll from found that Americans opposed the GOP plan that risks shutdown and default by a margin of 59% to 19%. Even non-Tea Party Republicans oppose the GOP gambit by a 44% to 36% margin.

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  • Parade of Failing GOP Governors Descend on South Carolina

    Later today, Governors Bobby Jindal, Scott Walker and Rick Perry will descend on South Carolina in an effort to boost the reelection chances of their embattled colleague, Governor Nikki Haley. In the wake of their 2012 electoral losses, Republicans have looked to their Governors for leadership, calling them in their Autopsy Report “America’s reformers in chief” and claiming they “point the way forward” for the party. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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  • DNC Response to RNC Resolution

    Following the RNC passing a resolution to boycott NBC and CNN from their 2016 primary debates, DNC National Press Secretary Michael Czin released the following statement:

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  • DNC Response to Governor Christie at RNC Meeting

    Earlier today, Governor Christie spoke at a closed-press RNC meeting in Boston. While the theme of the RNC meeting is “Making it Happen” it’s clear that what Christie’s doing in New Jersey it isn’t working. “From economic growth to education funding and supporting women’s health programs, Chris Christie doesn’t have a record to run on – it’s a record to run from,” said DNC National Press Secretary Michael Czin. “The RNC wants to talk about ‘Making it Happen’ but at every level of government their policies are failing middle class Americans. From Republicans in Congress’ unwillingness to support commonsense immigration reform with a path to citizenship to Governor Christie’s abysmal record of job creation – the Republican Party is failing to lay out a positive vision that will help ensure a better bargain for middle class Americans.

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  • National Republicans Line up Behind Lonegan

    As the RNC is meeting in Boston, the Republican Party apparatus is lining up behind Tea Party darling Steve Lonegan, the GOP’s newly minted candidate for the Senate in New Jersey. The RNC told Roll Call that the committee “will help Lonegan through its Victory program in New Jersey. The Victory program provides resources to Republicans from the top of the ticket down, such as funding for offices, staff and volunteers to garner support for GOP candidates.” Following Lonegan’s primary win the NRSC put out a release praising Lonegan as “the type of commonsense conservative we need if we are going to get [Washington] working again.”

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