Chairman Tim Kaine’s Statement on Passage of the Claims Settlement Act of 2010

Washington, DC– Today, the House of Representatives followed the Senate in voting to approve the Claims Settlement Act of 2010, which provides funding for the USDA to right past cases of discrimination against black farmers.  Following passage of that legislation, DNC Chairman Tim Kaine released the following statement: 

“As a long-time civil rights lawyer, I know that some discriminatory government policies had an adverse effect on the hopes, dreams and business prospects for many African American and other minority entrepreneurs.  That is why I am so proud that Congress this week took an important step toward righting a long-standing wrong against African American farmers who experienced documented discrimination at the hands of the USDA.  While it is not possible to rewrite that sad chapter in America’s agricultural history, this legislation provides funding necessary to compensate for the mistakes made by the Department of Agriculture.  I applaud Congress on its vote and I hope that we can continue to take steps to make America a more equal, more perfect union.”