Debbie Wasserman Schultz Calls on GOP Presidential Candidates to Release Names of Major Fundraisers

Today, Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz held a press conference call urging GOP presidential candidates to release the names of their major donors. President Obama recently released a list of the major fundraisers- or bundlers as they’re commonly called- for his re-election campaign. He also took this step in 2008. Releasing these names is not required by the FEC, but President Obama has always believed this is a critical step in making campaigns more transparent and accountable.

In letters sent to Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus last week and again earlier this week, Chair Wasserman Schultz called on the RNC to follow suit and to call on Republican presidential candidates to forego donations from PACs and lobbyists as the DNC has done and to release the names of their major fundraisers as President Obama has done. Chair Priebus has not responded to this request, and no Republican presidential candidates have released the names of their bundlers. On the call, Chair Wasserman Schultz said:

Both President Bush and Senator John McCain disclosed their presidential campaigns’ major donors when running for President. Unfortunately, none of today’s Republican candidates have followed suit – not a single candidate in the GOP field has followed the lead of Senator McCain, former-President Bush and President Barack Obama in releasing lists of their own major donors.

If the Republican candidates for president aren’t forthcoming about exactly who is helping them to get elected, how can we know for sure whom they’ll be working for? How do we know that those same major donors won’t be calling in favors if their candidate wins election to the White House?

In the interest of transparency and accountability, each of the Republican candidates for president should release the lists of their major fundraisers so the American people can judge for themselves the intentions of those fundraisers and the intentions of the Republican candidates.