Déjà vu all over again: Republicans claiming Pennsylvania momentum in waning days of a losing campaign


McCain Made A Late Play For Pennsylvania In 2008, But Lost The State...By 11 Points. "Despite a last-minute frenzy for Pennsylvania's electoral plenty, John McCain failed to switch this traditionally blue state, which awarded its 21 votes to Barack Obama and helped him win the presidency. Polls closed at 8 p.m. and, moments later, based on exit poll data, NBC called the state for Obama. ...OBAMA -- 55% MCCAIN -- 44%" [Baltimore Sun, 11/5/08]


Bush Lost Pennsylvania In 2004, Even After Visiting The State On The Day Before The Election. "'If you believe America should fight the war on terror with all our might and lead with unwavering confidence in our ideals, I ask you to come stand with me,' Bush told supporters on Nov. 1 in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania. ...Kerry won Pennsylvania, the second-biggest battleground state, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Oregon and Washington state." [Bloomberg, 11/3/04]


The Bush Campaign Claimed Momentum And Enthusiasm In Pennsylvania Leading Up To The 2000 Election. "Republicans claim to have more energy, born of a lust to retake the White House after eight years, even while acknowledging that women heavily favor Gore's positions. Both sides can make credible claims of potential victory. 'I just think it's dead even,' said Leslie Gromis, who heads Bush's campaign in Pennsylvania. 'One day Gore is up 1 or 2. One day Bush is up 1 or 2.' In Montgomery County, Tommy Ryan, political director for the county GOP, said: 'I believe that Bush is ahead, but not by a very large margin. Montgomery County voters are among the more independent and educated and I think trust matters to Montgomery County voters.' Ryan measures enthusiasm for Bush in terms of requests for yard signs and bumper stickers, which he said increased substantially after the second presidential debate." [Chicago Tribune, 10/28/00]

Bush Lost Pennsylvania In 2000. "Ohio (21 electoral votes) goes to Bush, which is a sweet relief to the Governor's campaign, sent reeling by Gore's win in Pennsylvania." [TIME, 11/7/00]


Bob Dole On November 1, 1996: "Don't Give Up On Pennsylvania. Things Are Happening Up There." "'I think what it demonstrates is that we've had a more aggressive, better organized, grass-roots campaign. It also shows what persistence will do,' said Tim Mara, spokesman for the Dole-Kemp campaign in Pennsylvania. 'Our message is finally getting some traction,' he added. 'The fight is to the end.' And Dole, on the campaign trail between Tampa, Fla., and Miami, was buoyed by the trend. In a telephone conversation with Gov. Ridge monitored by campaign reporters, Dole said: 'Don't give up Pennsylvania. Things are happening up here.' The Dole campaign scheduled a stop yesterday for 7 a.m. tomorrow in Philadelphia." [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 11/1/96]

Dole Lost Pennsylvania In 1996. "Pennsylvania held to a decades-old tradition of going with the winner. Clinton carried the state and its 23 electoral votes with about 52 percent of the vote." [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 11/6/96]


George H.W. Bush Campaigned In Pennsylvania On The Day Of The Election In 1992. "Much of the day carried the ring of a valedictory, a sense that -- win or lose -- this was almost surely Mr. Bush's last campaign. Throughout, he battled the perception, spread by polls that dominated the weekend's news, that the race may be slipping from his grasp. Pounding his fist, hatless but oblivious to a cold drizzle at the rally in Pennsylvania, he exhorted the crowd to remember that Tuesday's election is not a poll, but is 'up to what the American people think.'" [New York Times, 11/3/92]

Bush Lost Pennsylvania In 1992 By 9 Points. [, accessed 10/30/12]