DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Statement on Florida Republican Debate

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz released the following statement on tonight’s GOP debate in Florida:

“After entering the last contest of the Republican nomination process with a double-digit lead and then coming out with a double-digit loss, you’d think Mitt Romney would start to get the hint that voters aren’t responding to his ‘say anything to win’ approach and his refusal to lift a finger to help working and middle-class families get ahead in this country. But on the debate stage tonight, it was more of the same from Romney – more bobbing and weaving on the issues instead of simply giving the American people a straight answer, and more support for policies that leave him well outside the mainstream of voters in Florida and across the country.

“Mitt Romney continues to refuse to come clean on his tax returns – pledging only to release one full year of returns while shielding from voters his tax returns from the years of his controversial private sector career. He continues to run on his ‘real world experience,’ but as we saw in South Carolina, voters finally saw the truth: that he was a corporate raider whose pocket was lined by leading companies to bankruptcy, outsourcing jobs and destroying communities.

“And Romney did it right here in Florida, where Bain ran Dade Behring – a medical equipment company – into the ground, causing 850 workers in Miami to lose their jobs. But Mitt Romney likes to leave that part of the story out when he talks about his so-called record of creating jobs. If all this wasn’t bad enough Mitt Romney touted his tax plan tonight, which should make anyone in his position blush. That’s because his plan would lower his taxes even more while doing nothing for middle class Americans or those seeking to reach the middle class.

“And, for someone seeking the votes of Floridians, Mitt Romney took a curious course on the issue of immigration - reiterating that he would veto the DREAM Act and insisting again that all undocumented workers leave the country.

“Mitt Romney’s support cratered in South Carolina because he insisted on playing by his own set of rules and failed to connect with voters on the issues facing hard working Americans and their families. If his performance in tonight’s debate was supposed to repair the damage he suffered in the Palmetto State – his effort fell far short of the mark.”