DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Statement on Republican Presidential Debate in South Carolina

Following tonight’s GOP debate in South Carolina, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz released the following statement:

“As the Republican presidential field narrowed down to five candidates on the debate stage tonight, we still saw each one of them double down on the same failed policies of the past rather than offer any plans to help America’s working and middle-class families get ahead. But Mitt Romney took it a step further—once again demonstrating that he will say anything to get elected. We saw Mitt Romney repeatedly dodge questions about his record and his plans for the economy and the middle class. Romney claimed that he had a jobs plan and the President did not. But the President has a plan, the American Jobs Act which would create nearly 2 million jobs that Mitt Romney opposed, and Romney proposed an economic plan that would do nothing to create jobs, but would simply increase the burdens on the middle class.

“In the latest reinvention of his job creation record, Romney is now claiming to have created over 120,000 jobs. In just over a month, his job creation number has changed from over a hundred thousand jobs, to thousands, and now 120,000 jobs tonight—without a single one of those numbers substantiated. Maybe the reason Mitt Romney is having such a hard time keeping his facts straight is that Romney’s goal as a corporate raider for Bain Capital was never job creation—it was putting profits over people by bankrupting companies, outsourcing jobs and laying off workers. As if this wasn’t misleading enough, Romney also touted his record as Governor of Massachusetts. The truth is that with Romney at the helm, Massachusetts ranked 47th out of 50th in job creation, saw incomes and wages fall and experienced a decline in manufacturing at twice the national average. And Mitt Romney is proud of that?

“With every passing moment, Mitt Romney finds a new opportunity to distort the facts and try to tell voters what he thinks they want to hear. He even discovered a new position tonight on releasing his tax returns, saying he’d ‘probably’ agree to do it in April even though he has repeatedly refused to do so—defying a practice that every Republican and Democratic nominee for President has adhered to for decades. Romney can’t continue to play by a different set of rules and expect voters to trust him—but as tonight’s debate demonstrated once again, Mitt Romney doesn’t place a very high premium on being straightforward with the American people.”