DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Statement on Senate Vote on Blunt Amendment Today

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz released the following statement on the Senate vote today on the Blunt-Rubio Amendment, a measure that would allow any employer to deny female employees critical health care services including contraception and preventive health care.

"When there are so many important issues in our country and we’re working hard to continue our economic recovery, it’s outrageous that Senate Republicans would distract from these important issues by trying to push the Blunt-Rubio Amendment, legislation which would severely restrict women’s access to health care.  The Blunt-Rubio Amendment would let any employer who has a problem with providing any type of health insurance coverage to deny their employees that coverage.  But make no mistake, this is about one thing and one thing only: the extreme right wing fringe of the Republican Party – the only wing of the Republican Party that Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and GOP leaders listen to – continuing their assault on a woman’s access to contraception and vital health care services.
“The Blunt-Rubio Amendment is dangerous, and it’s an extreme attack on the rights of women to make decisions about their health for themselves.  This wouldn’t stop at contraception; it could affect a woman’s access to mammograms, cervical cancer screenings, and maternity care.  As a cancer survivor myself, I find this legislation and Republicans’ attempt to pass it reprehensible.  We should be making sure that women have access to the health care they need and the ability to make decisions about her health with her family and her doctor.  But once again, Republicans have attempted to turn back the clock on progress, and their presidential candidates, including Mitt Romney, support it.  If ever there were any doubt that Mitt Romney and the Republican Party have launched a war on women, their support of the Blunt-Rubio Amendment should clear that up.
“This effort to roll back the clock on women’s reproductive rights is all you need to know about why moderate and independent voters are flocking from Mitt Romney and the Republican Party.  Americans are sick and tired of Republicans re-fighting culture wars that were settled decades ago and not lifting a finger on the issue Americans care most about: the economy.  While President Obama was saving the auto industry, Republicans were trying to redefine the definition of rape.  While President Obama has put our economy on a steady course of economic recovery, Republicans have been at war with Planned Parenthood.  While President Obama has been fighting to create jobs –which has resulted in job creation in the private sector for 23 straight months to the tune of 3.7 million jobs – Republicans have been at war with women and their access to health care.  For their failure to focus on America’s priorities; jobs and the economy; Republicans will pay a heavy price with voters this fall.”