DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Statement on the One Year Anniversary of the Sandy Hook Tragedy

“It’s been a year since we first heard the news that there was a gunman at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT.  By the end of the day, 26 lives, 20 of them children, were lost, and our hearts, were broken.

“In the 12 months since, there has been sadness, anger, and questions about how to stop tragedies like this. As horrific as the Newtown tragedy was, we know that it is one horrific example of a larger gun violence problem in our nation. Shootings in schools and movie theaters and grocery stores, in suburbs and cities, have become unacceptably common. Just yesterday, we again heard a familiar news alert – ‘there’s a shooter in a school building.’ Something must be done. Despite setbacks this year and the unwillingness of some to put politics aside to enact sensible gun safety measures like background checks, we will keep fighting to ensure guns don’t end up in the wrong hands.

“As President Obama said a year ago, we ‘haven’t forgotten those kids’ or the thousands of other American lives that are lost each year due to gun violence. As difficult as this anniversary is for many of us, we know our sadness cannot compare to the heartache of the families and friends of the 26 people who are no longer with us. Their courage is remarkable and as they stand to put an end to gun violence, we will stand with them.”