DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Statement on Tonight’s Budget Deal

"Tonight's budget deal is an important step forward for Congress and for the country. The budget deal is not perfect or all of what we want but it puts an end to budget brinksmanship and will give the American people and businesses the certainty they need to expand and hire workers and allow us to focus on the number one priority for Democrats – creating more good paying jobs and growing the middle class.

"This compromise rolls back some of the devastating sequester cuts that have hurt our schools, hospitals, seniors, military, and our ability to innovate and grow our economy. And it rejects extreme proposals to slash Medicare and Medicaid that were advocated in the Republican budget. Tonight, seniors, working families, and the most vulnerable Americans should know they will continue to have the protection of a strong social safety net.

"As important, this agreement is a rejection of the obstructionist tactics that we’ve seen from the Republican Party that led to a government shutdown in October.  I applaud the Senate and House Conference Chairs for their work on tonight's deal, but we know that this is only the first step. We need to continue to fight for priorities like extending unemployment benefits to Americans who are still looking for work going into the holidays. And we must continue to move away from the policy of governing by crisis and recommit ourselves to doing what we were elected to do – fighting for the issues that will provide a better bargain for all Americans."