DNC Chair Wasserman Schultz Launches Democratic Women’s Alliance

At the Democratic National Committee’s 20th Anniversary Women’s Leadership Forum Conference today, Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz launched the Democratic Women’s Alliance (DWA), a permanent institute at the DNC to coordinate and work with allied groups to mobilize, engage, and train Democratic women at all levels.

“The Democratic Party is truly a voice for women -- on health care, on civil rights, equal rights and social justice and on all the issues that affect you and your families,” said Wasserman Schultz. “These issues and so many more that women care about strike at the core of our party’s principles and we need to tell the story of why our Party is, and should be, a natural home for women.”

Wasserman Schultz continued her remarks, explaining to hundreds of attendees that the idea for the DWA took shape during the 2012 presidential campaign on weekly phone calls with women leaders.

“We all witnessed a systematic effort on the part of the Republican Party to take away the legal rights we've fought for and earned – rights that had been settled generations ago, from reproductive rights to economic security to quality health care,” said Wasserman Schultz. “Together, we realized that the need for engagement on these issues and that the need to protect these rights on behalf of women, should last well beyond the 2012 election. It should be a permanent part of the Democratic Party’s mission.”

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and President of Planned Parenthood Action Fund Cecile Richards also delivered remarks at the morning session and praised the creation of the Democratic Women's Alliance.

"Establishing a Democratic Women's Alliance is a very important step to take," Pelosi said.  "Working together, we will unleash the power of America’s women and help guarantee  that future generations will enjoy our country’s promise of equal rights, equal treatment, and equal opportunity. When women succeed, America succeeds."

The Democratic Women’s Alliance will focus on three central goals: mobilizing, engaging, and training women.

Mobilize: Women represent a strong base a support for the Democratic Party and the DWA will expand this base by reaching out to more women through targeted, data driven initiatives. The Alliance will invest in research, polling and analysis centered on women voters and the issues they care about most.

Engage: Locating new Democratic women and bringing them into the political process is only the beginning. The Alliance will ensure this network of supporters is armed with the information they need to successfully fight for the causes they care about.

Train: The Democratic Women’s Alliance will provide training opportunities to women in all 50 states, and provide an infrastructure for continued training at the community level through the establishment of neighborhood teams, town hall meetings and round tables. The DWA will also work to recruit more Democratic female leaders who can actively lead our state parties, become party delegates, and run for elected office.