DNC Chairman Tim Kaine Condemns Sharron Angle’s Latest Attempt At Voter Suppression


In yet another Republican attempt to suppress the Latino vote and depict Latinos negatively, Republican candidate Sharron Angle has released an ad, “The Wave,” that blurs the line between immigrants, Latinos, and terrorizing criminals. In response, DNC Chairman Tim Kaine said:


"The Democratic Party strongly condemns Sharron Angle’s latest ad, which casts Latinos in a negative light, and we similarly condemn Republican ads that have spread negative stereotypes about Latinos and attempted to suppress Latino voter turnout.  The ads have been aimed implicitly, and at times explicitly, at dampening Latino voter enthusiasm and turnout.  Such advertising is contemptible.  It also demonstrates how little regard Republicans have shown for the issues of paramount importance in the Hispanic American community.  In contrast, Democrats have made historic efforts to reach out to Hispanic American voters this year.  More importantly for our democracy, we believe that political participation should be encouraged, not discouraged through ads that divide American citizens from one another.


"Unfortunately, Sharron Angle’s latest ad is a symptom of the Republican Party's tendencies to halt progress.  Republicans have shown their unwillingness to move this country forward -- consistently and reflexively voting against Democratic efforts to rebuild our economy, reform health care, provide credit and tax relief for small businesses, fix our broken immigration system, and increase economic and educational opportunities for Latinos and other middle class Americans."

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