DNC Kicking Off “Mitt Romney: Writing Off the Middle Class” Bus Tour in Ohio

As Mitt Romney finally returns to a full campaign schedule on Monday, the Democratic National Committee will join him in Ohio by kicking of our “Mitt Romney: Writing Off the Middle Class” bus tour. The tour will make stops in Lima, Dayton, Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Toledo. During the tour, former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland and DNC Communications Director Brad Woodhouse will join local elected officials, students, seniors and veterans to ask a simple question: Who is Mitt Romney talking about when he says 47 percent of Americans don't take responsibility for their lives and want to be dependent on government?

Did he mean seniors who worked their whole lives and now live on a fixed income? Was he talking about servicemen and women and veterans who have fought for our country? Maybe he meant students who are working to build a better future for themselves? Or was it people who have fallen on hard times and are looking for work? These are the people Mitt Romney says are looking for a hand out.

Mitt Romney was wrong to accuse tens of millions of Americans of not paying their fair share in taxes. In fact, for most of them, the percentage they pay in taxes is higher than the 13.9% percent that Mitt Romney pays. These Americans shouldn't be put down. They should be respected for working hard and contributing to their communities.

Mitt Romney is either massively insulting half of Americans or he's massively out of touch with our lives—and while he tours Ohio, the DNC and Ohioans are going to call him out for it.

Stay tuned for more details on the tours and the special guests who will join us along the way.