Democratic National Committee Releases Statement in Honor of Cesar Chavez Day


In recognition of Cesar Chavez Day, DNC Vice Chair Linda Chavez-Thompson issued the following statement:

“Today, as we celebrate what would have been Cesar Chavez’s 84th birthday, we reflect on the life of an extraordinary man.  Cesar Chavez grew up working the fields of the Southwest; it was back-breaking labor, but he did not allow himself to be broken.  He devoted himself to improving the working conditions and the lives of farm workers, empowering individuals to make their voices heard.  And when Cesar Chavez spoke, America listened.  Along with Dolores Huerta, he co-founded the United Farm Workers of America, and made the plight of farm laborers a national issue. 

“It was Cesar Chavez who first popularized the phrase, ‘Sí, se puede.’  Today, that phrase still echoes across the country.  ‘Yes we can’ represents not only those who continue the movement that Cesar Chavez started; it embodies the spirit that brought our president to the White House and the hard work being done all over the country by our Democratic activists.  Together with President Obama and Democratic leaders in Congress, they are doing everything possible to continue to open up opportunities for hard-working American families.  That goal – Cesar Chavez’s goal – transcends generations and crosses all boundaries of language. 

“So today we honor Cesar Chavez’s legacy not only by remembering his incredible role in history, but also by making sure we’re working hard to keep moving history forward.”