From State Houses to Congress, GOP Renews Assault on Women’s Health

Yesterday, Republican Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett took the unnecessary step of signing a bill into law that bans abortion coverage in the state’s health insurance marketplace. Corbett doesn’t seem to mind that, “there’s already language in the federal law that prevents the mingling of private and public funds for abortion services.”  It’s clear that Corbett would rather spend his time passing unnecessary legislation attacking women’s health choices than working on the economic challenges his state faces. (Take a look at this new DGA memo chronicling GOP Governors’ recent attacks on women’s health.)

Not to be outdone, later today, the House of Representatives is set to vote on a ban on abortions after 22 weeks, which the New York Times characterized as, “the most restrictive abortion bill to come to a vote in either chamber in a decade.” The House GOP’s legislation is not only unnecessary and extreme; it has zero chance of becoming law. All the while, Republicans in the House haven’t passed one serious jobs bill. 

Republicans from State Houses to Congress are working day and night in pursuit of a narrow-minded agenda to infringe on the rights of women to make the health care decisions that are best for them.  While Republicans are perusing their far right agenda, President Obama and Democrats are focused on issues important to the economic security of women, like raising the minimum wage and passing paid sick leave and paycheck fairness legislation. As Republicans peruse their legislative agenda across the country, the choice for women and their families couldn’t be clearer.

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