GOP’s Outreach to Women in the Month of July - Another Month, Same Old Party

From: Simone Ward, DNC National Director of Women's Outreach
To:Interested Parties
Re: GOP’s Outreach to Women in the Month of July - Another Month, Same Old Party
August 1, 2013

Since their electoral defeats at the national and state level last November, the GOP has spent a lot of time talking about rebranding their party and expanding their base to constituencies like women, who fled their party in droves. However, a quick look at Republican statehouses nationwide and the GOP in Washington shows that is not what’s happening on the ground—it’s still the same old GOP. 

Governors across the country are signing legislation that severely limits women’s access to health care—and they are often doing it with no notice, late at night or hidden as part of larger unrelated bills. Why? Because these Governors and state legislatures know these types of restrictions that severely limit access to health care are not what the women in their states want.

Take a look at what the GOP has been doing in their attempt to reach out to women this July:

In Texas, Governor Rick Perry signed legislation that would close all but 5 of the 42 abortion clinics in the state requiring women to travel unreasonable distances making it almost impossible for some women to access these clinics.  [Politico, 7/18/13]

In North Carolina, Governor Pat McCrory signed legislation that seriously limits access to abortions by eliminating abortion insurance coverage for city and county employees and barring state residents from paying for the coverage through state health exchange, among other restrictions. [Washington Post, 7/29/13]

In Ohio, John Kasich’s abortion bill requires ultrasounds for anyone seeking an abortion, limits abortion providers’ ability to get transfer agreements with public hospitals, and make it more difficult for family planning groups to get funding for preventative care. [Washington Post, 7/1/13]

And in Wisconsin, Scott Walker’s bill mandates that doctors performing abortions have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles and requires women seeking abortions to obtain an ultrasound. [Washington Post, 7/5/13]

In Washington, the national Republican Party seems to be following the states’ lead where there is discussion among party leaders in the Senate to follow the House’s example in advancing one of the most restrictive pieces of abortion legislation in recent memory.  [New York Times, 7/27/13]

All you have to do is look at what Republicans did in the past month to see that all their talk of an autopsy and a GOP rebrand is just that, talk. Their actions make clear that it is the same old party with the same extreme agenda that harms women's access to health care and their economic security.