How the Shutdown-Default Gambit is Playing in the States

From coast-to-coast, the GOP plans to gut Obamacare or risk a government shutdown and default on our obligations is getting panned by local TV and print media outlets. Their plan has been called called ‘insanity,’ ‘stupid,’ ‘train wreck,’ an ‘ideological temper tantrum’ and worse by regional media outlets.

While Republicans in Washington are risking shutdown and default to please the Tea Party, Americans recognize how dangerous these GOP policies are and wholeheartedly reject their plan. Earlier this week, a CNBC Poll from found that Americans opposed the GOP plan that risks shutdown and default by a margin of 59% to 19%. Even non-Tea Party Republicans oppose the GOP gambit by a 44% to 36% margin.

Please see below a regional TV and print roundup of coverage of the GOP’s Shutdown-Default Gambit:

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Arizona Republic Editorial: Why are 'tea-party' Republicans being so stupid?
“You accomplish nothing by holding your breath and insisting it’s your way or no way. That’s the stupid approach to governing.”

San Jose Mercury News Editorial: Full-blown insanity returns to Washington

Lompoc Record Headline: A scary game of chicken
"The Republican Party is marching toward a very visible, public suicide. It’s painful to watch."

LA Times Column: Ted Cruz’s defunding strategy runs into reality, and Harry Reid
“But it will be hard for him to paint Democrats as the ones trying to shut down the government when he's the one filibustering.”

The News Journal Editorial: Another stupid, partisan and useless budget crisis
“What kind of game are the Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives playing? . . . The only thing this game can be called is chicken – and it’s a particularly self-indulgent one, too.”

Miami Herald Editorial: Once more to the brink: Showdown over the budget is a reckless tactic
“Previous attempts to hold the government hostage haven’t worked out very well for his party. This one won’t either.”

Atlanta Journal-Constitution Column: GOP’s blackmail must be stopped, here and now
“The Pentagon is bracing for a government-wide shutdown that would potentially force troops to work without a paycheck and send thousands of civilians home until Congress reaches a new budget agreement.”

Louisville Courier-Journal Editorial: GOP train wreck
“The hostage takers are at it again in Washington and the hard-right extremists among House Republicans are dragging the rest of their GOP members with them — and possibly, the entire country.”

Boston Herald Editorial: The GOP’s odd strategy
“House Republicans are on a budgetary suicide mission, and House Speaker John Boehner now appears willing to be their grudging Dr. Kevorkian.”

Nashua Telegraph Editorial: The fools on the (Capitol) hill
“Republicans are flat-out wrong to try to hold the budget bill hostage. They’re acting like a bunch of petulant children throwing a tantrum because they didn’t get their way. We say: Get over it.”

Cleveland Plain Dealer Editorial:  A smart Congress won't play games with the debt ceiling
"This year's showdown features Tea Party bullies in Congress who insist on a bill that ties raising the debt ceiling to defunding  Obamacare."

Cleveland Plain Dealer: What you need to know about a government shutdown
“GOP leaders in the House of Representatives could let a shutdown proceed, which would risk a backlash of the sort that resulted after a pair of the shutdowns occurred in the 1990s”

Philly Inquirer: Local Republicans vote for Obamacare-killing plan
“That path, though, would require GOP leadership to defy a bloc of staunch House conservatives who are insisting on killing Obamacare as a condition of approving a new spending bill. So far, the Republican leadership has bowed to the group’s demands.”

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Editorial: Reckless GOP: Twin House bills would hurt vulnerable Americans
“This is what the House does instead of serious work. Or, if some of its members believe this is serious work, voters should consider replacing them in November 2014. … The House's action would be remarkable if it were not so thoroughly appalling.”

Dallas Morning Views Column: I’m looking forward to seeing Sen. Ted Cruz in bright running shoes
“As many GOPers continue  to make clear, the junior senator from Texas has embroiled his party in a fight that it can’t win”

Burlington Free Press Editorial: Ideological temper tantrum
“How is extending access health care to more Americans such a monstrous evil that must be stopped at all costs?”

West Virginia Gazette Editorial: Shutdown?: GOP ‘chicken’ game
“By threatening to shut down the federal government in an attempt to block medical care for 30 million lower-income Americans, the GOP has become "the crazy party," Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman wrote.”