Interim Chair Donna Brazile’s Statement on the House Vote on the Republican Budget Proposal

Today, Republicans in the House voted to approve Congressman Paul Ryan’s Republican budget proposal. Following the House vote on that proposal, Democratic National Committee Interim Chair Donna Brazile released the following statement:

Today, Republicans in the House endorsed a budget plan that by all accounts would lead to an America that is in worse shape in ten years than it is today. It would deprive American scientists of the money they need to make the technological breakthroughs that will define the next century. It would deprive American schools of the resources they need to give our kids a world-class education. And it would deprive our government of the ability to maintain its commitment to our seniors and its capacity to maintain the roads and bridges and other infrastructure that constitutes the backbone of our economy. 

The Republican plan doesn’t save a dollar more than the fiscal blueprint laid out by the President this week – and yet, where the President preserves the investments we need to win the future and the money we need to meet a basic commitment to our citizens, the Republican plan sacrifices all that in the interest of greater tax breaks for the wealthiest few. Republicans are calling the Ryan plan the ‘path to prosperity,’ and that might be true – if you’re already among the most prosperous Americans – but for all the rest of us, it’s a path to nowhere.

Fortunately, I am certain that Democrats in the Senate will prevent this incredibly harmful partisan bill from moving forward. As we look ahead, I hope Republicans will be able to join together with Democrats to shape a bipartisan plan that cuts spending without sacrificing our future, as the President has urged.