DNC Vice Chair Linda Chavez-Thompson’s Statement on President Obama’s Meeting on Immigration


Yesterday, President Obama met with influential Hispanics at the White House to discuss fixing our broken immigration system.  In response, DNC Vice Chair Linda Chavez-Thompson issued the following statement:

“I congratulate the President for keeping immigration in the spotlight as part of his commitment to comprehensive immigration reform.  If we are to change the tone of our dialogue on immigration and push reform across the finish line, we will need help from the talented Americans and leaders from all backgrounds, like the ones the President has met with at the White House this month.

“I share the President’s disappointment that families and businesses feel the strain of a broken immigration system that does not serve our country and does not live up to our nation’s highest ideals and heritage.  But the only way to fix the broken elements of the immigration system is through legislative action in Congress.  And while the administration has done everything within its power to improve our immigration system, Republicans in Congress have played politics on the issue, stalling progress on immigration in order to cater to the loud fringe voices the right wing base. 

“I hope Republicans come to the table for a serious discussion on this quintessentially American issue and help the President elevate the discussion on immigration beyond politics, false debates, and rhetoric.”

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