Los Angeles Celebrates Inauguration of Mayor Eric Garcetti

Yesterday was an exciting day for the City of Los Angeles, which celebrated the inauguration of Eric Garcetti as mayor.  His commitment to public service and the city of L.A. will serve the city well as he works every single day to improve the lives of the residents of Los Angeles.

Mayor Garcetti’s proven record as a city council member and President of the Los Angeles City Council led to job growth in his district and around the city, while he pushed his community into the future with innovative programing and technologies. Garcetti’s plans to continue this progress are clear. With plans to create new jobs, invest in clean energy and water, and create partnerships with local businesses, Garcetti is set to lead the city to where it needs to be.

As we continually work to make our party more inclusive and reflective of our great nation, I hope Mayor Garcetti’s leadership will inspire a new generation of leaders. As the first elected Jewish mayor of Los Angeles and only the second modern-day Latino mayor of the city, this is a significant step forward. Best of luck to Mayor Garcetti and congratulations to him and the city of Los Angeles.