MEMO: Flailing and Failing: Gabriel Gomez’ Desperate Campaign for Senate

TO:                  Interested Parties
FROM:            Brad Woodhouse, DNC Communications Director
DATE:             May 24, 2013
RE:                  Flailing and Failing: Gabriel Gomez’ Desperate Campaign for Senate

“Republican Gabriel Gomez falsely claims his opponent in the Massachusetts Senate race blamed him for the school shooting in Newtown, Conn., and compared him to Osama bin Laden.” –

“So what we have here is a group that is in the active process of ‘violating the pledge’ on behalf of the candidate who prevented the pledge from being in effect, berating the other candidate for allegedly violating the pledge.” – Boston Magazine

Ed Markey Is “Dirty and Low…Pond Scum” – Gabriel Gomez, GOP Candidate for United States Senate

There is a good rule of thumb in life and in politics: If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.

Gabriel Gomez’ campaign for Senate just can’t stop digging this week. A series of missteps have revealed a candidate who isn’t ready for prime time and a campaign that is turning to desperate, false and malicious smears a month out from Election Day. It’s a tactic that is the last resort of campaigns that have nothing to say on the issues that are important to voters and it’s clear from this last week that Gabriel Gomez has nothing of substance to say to the people of Massachusetts.

Act of Desperation #1: False Ads Slammed by Fact Checkers

On Tuesday, the Gomez campaign released an ad called “Something New” that claimed Ed Markey has compared Gabriel Gomez to Osama Bin Laden and blamed Gabriel Gomez for the tragic school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

Before the ad was even released, the Boston Globe pre-emptively dismissed the Newtown claim saying:

“Despite what the ad says, Markey has not blamed Gomez for the Newtown shooting. Markey has released an ad that highlights Gomez’s opposition to an assault weapons ban and to limits on high-capacity magazines, ‘like the ones used in the Newtown school shooting.” followed suit and completely dismantled the Gomez ad that “falsely claims his opponent in the Massachusetts Senate race… compared him to Osama bin Laden.” In reality, the Markey campaign used footage from a Republican Super PAC ad that Gomez appeared in during 2012. The Super PAC was dedicated to bringing down President Barack Obama with Swift Boat style attacks.

Act of Desperation #2: Absurd Attacks from National Republicans

On Thursday, the National Republican Senatorial Committee broke out their fainting couches and released a statement: Markey First to Violate the People's Pledge.

The only problem is that the People’s Pledge was rejected by Gabriel Gomez, who wanted to reserve his right to rely on millions in outside group spending to bombard Massachusetts with more false ads. Ed Markey was the only candidate who wanted to keep outside groups out. Boston Magazine labeled the attack the “Eye Roller of the Day.”

Gabriel Gomez and the NRSC thought it was a brilliant bit of political strategy to have an outside group attack Ed Markey over a pledge to keep outside groups out of the race that Ed Markey agreed to and Gabriel Gomez did not.

Good luck with that.

Act of Desperation #3: Gabriel Gomez Starts Slinging Mud

On Thursday, Gabriel Gomez showed once again that he is not ready for prime time. In response to a reporter’s question about his discredited ad, Gabriel Gomez called Ed Markey “dirty and low” and referred to the Congressman as “pond scum.”

Gabriel Gomez called Ed Markey “pond scum” for highlighting Gabriel Gomez’ own positions on the issues. It makes you wonder what Gabriel Gomez finds more objectionable about his own positions. Is it that he actively campaigned for a Republican Super PAC that employed Swift Boat style attacks on the President over the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden? Or is it Gabriel Gomez’ opposition to an assault weapons ban and limits on high capacity magazines? Maybe it’s Gabriel Gomez’ disinterest in learning about the Blunt Amendment and why women don’t want their employer involved in personal medical decisions?

Gabriel Gomez is trying to distract from his own positions, which are out of step with Massachusetts voters, by attacking Ed Markey’s character.  It’s a classic desperate move from a flailing campaign and it’s unbecoming of someone who is asking Massachusetts voters to send him to the United States Senate.

Conclusion: Voters Can Smell a Desperate Campaign

There is still one month to go in this campaign and already Gabriel Gomez is out of ideas. Gomez can’t defend his own out of touch positions, so he invents attacks to rebut that Ed Markey hasn’t made. Gomez knows his campaign will need big spending Republican outside groups to prop up his campaign, so he tried to distract from that by attacking Ed Markey over  a pledge he himself didn’t take. Gomez is resorting to name calling because when confronted with his own positions, he has nothing to say to Massachusetts voters.

After this week, there is only one way to describe the Gomez campaign: flailing and failing.

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