Priebus Highlights Autopsy’s Failure; Goes All-In for Cuccinelli, Jackson & Extreme Policies

A little more than 100 days ago Reince Priebus and Republicans rolled out their “GOP Autopsy” to explain how they were going to win back voters who were alienated by the Republican Party’s policies and rhetoric. Today, NBC News noted that “Republicans have pretty much ignored that RNC “autopsy” report.” To mark the failure of the GOP’s report, today Priebus will campaign in Virginia for Ken Cuccinelli and E.W. Jackson, a Republican ticket that has alienated many Virginians, including the LGBT community, immigrants, and women with dangerous legislation and inflammatory rhetoric.

“Despite the RNC’s much publicized Autopsy report and pledges to change their ways and be a more inclusive party, it’s clear Republicans haven’t learned their lesson and are refusing to change their ways,” said DNC Press Secretary Michael Czin. “Reince Priebus claims he is reaching out to voters who soundly rejected the policies of Republicans last fall, but his actions speak louder than words. Today he is wholeheartedly embracing Ken Cuccinelli and E.W. Jackson and their extreme polices that have alienated women, the LGBT community, and Hispanic voters. Today’s GOP is the same old party that voters rejected last year.”

Ken Cuccinelli has claimed that allowing gay marriage is a slippery slope to polygamy, he proposed a bill to create “English-only” workplaces that would make it easier for bosses to fire non-English speakers, and he supports the controversial personhood amendment that would outlaw abortion and ban certain contraceptives. E.W. Jackson has said that homosexuality is a sin that “destroys” societies and he once claimed that Planned Parenthood was more lethal for African-Americans than the KKK. This is the face of Reince’s rebranded GOP, but it’s clear that it’s the Same Old Part that voters rejected in 2012.

Below please find background on the GOP’s Autopsy Report and the Virginia GOP’s extreme policies:

On Immigration:

GOP Autopsy: 
“On issues like immigration, the RNC needs to carefully craft a tone that takes into consideration the unique perspective of the Hispanic community. Message development is critical to Hispanic voters.” [Growth & Opportunity Project, 3/28/13]

Ken Cuccinell:
Cuccinelli Proposed Legislation “To Establish English-Only Workplaces”

In April 2013, the New Republic reported on Cuccinelli’s “legislation to establish English-only workplaces.” [New Republic, 4/23/13]

Washington Post Editorial Slammed Cuccinelli’s “Immigrant-Bashing” English-Only Bill
In January 2008, an editorial in the Washington Post stated, “VIRGINIA SEN. Ken Cuccinelli II (R-Fairfax) has introduced a piece of immigrant-bashing legislation that is meant to ease the way for bosses to fire workers who don't speak English. But the bill is so closed-minded and foul-tempered that it is too much for Mr. Cuccinelli himself.” [Washington Post Editorial, 1/28/08]

Cuccinelli Introduced Resolution Calling on Congress to Change 14th Amendment To End Birthright Citizenship
In January 2008, the Manassas Journal Messenger reported, “Cuccinelli's proposal would not allow a person born in the United States to automatically become a citizen unless one of their parents was already a citizen. He said he's drafted the resolution to address the problem of "anchor babies," which are born in the U.S. to parents who do not have legal documentation to be in the country.” [Manassas Journal Messenger, 1/22/08; SJ 131]

On Gay Rights:

GOP Autopsy: 
“We need to campaign among … gay Americans and demonstrate that we care about them, too.” [Growth & Opportunity Project, 3/28/13]

Ken Cuccinell:
Cuccinelli "Stirred Up a Partisan Firestorm” by Directing Public Colleges and Universities to Remove Protections against Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation

In March 2010, the Daily Press reported “Cuccinelli stirred up a partisan firestorm this week when he wrote state-supported colleges and universities to warn that school leaders did not have the power to ban discrimination against workers based on sexual orientation. Cuccinelli said only the General Assembly has the legal authority to expand anti-discrimination policies for the state's 100,000-plus work force. And the General Assembly turned down that opportunity just this week.” [Daily Press, 3/06/10]

HEADLINE: ‘In Supreme Court Brief, Ken Cuccinelli Warned Of A Slippery Slope From Gay Marriage To Polygamy’ In June 2013, ABC News reported, “Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli’s opposition to gay marriage is well established. But as the U.S. Supreme Court prepares to issue decisions on two major gay marriage cases this week, less well-known is his co-authorship, in January 2013, of a court brief that laid out an argument against the constitutionality of allowing same-sex couples to marry. In the amicus brief, Cuccinelli, the attorney general of Virginia, and Greg Zoeller, the attorney general or Indiana, used a novel justification to make their point in one section of the 55-page brief — namely that gay marriage could lead to polygamy.” [ABC News, 6/25/13]

Cuccinelli Said Being Gay "Brings Nothing but Self-Destruction, No Only Physically But Of Their Soul." Cuccinelli: "When you look at the homosexual agenda, I cannot support something that I believe brings nothing but self-destruction, not only physically but of their soul.” [Washington Post, 2/05/08]

Cuccinelli: Homosexual Acts are “Intrinsically Wrong” In October 2009, an editorial in the Virginian-Pilot quoted Cuccinelli, “My view is that homosexual acts, not homosexuality, but homosexual acts are wrong. They're intrinsically wrong. And I think in a natural law based country it's appropriate to have policies that reflect that. ... They don't comport with natural law. I happen to think that it represents (to put it politely; I need my thesaurus to be polite) behavior that is not healthy to an individual and in aggregate is not healthy to society.” [Virginian-Pilot Editorial, 10/26/09]

On Women:

GOP Autopsy: 
“When it comes to social issues, the Party must in fact and deed be [sic] inclusive and welcoming. If we are not, we will limit our ability to attract young people and others, including many women, who agree with us on some but not all issues.” [Growth & Opportunity Project, 3/28/13]

Ken Cuccinell:
Cuccinelli Pushed for Passage of HB 1 Personhood Legislation, Said “The Fight For Life Is Going To Last For All Of Our Lives”
“About half an hour after the press conference, Attorney General Kenneth T. Cuccinelli II took to the steps of the Capitol Square Bell Tower to a shout of ‘Cuccinelli for governor’ to advocate for arguably the most high-profile bill this session. ‘It’s hard to believe we actually have to come and advocate for something as basic as life, but we’ve had to do it for decades and we’re going to have to do it for the rest of our lives,’ he said of Delegate Robert G. Marshall’s ‘personhood’ bill, which passed the House of Delegates Tuesday. ‘The fight for life is going to last for all of our lives.’” [Washington Times, 2/15/12]

E.W. Jackson’s Policies & Rhetoric

E.W. Jackson: Gay People Are “Perverted” And “Very Sick”
In an interview with Peter LaBarbera and pastor John Kirkwood, E.W. Jackson said about gays and lesbians: “Their minds are perverted, they’re frankly very sick people psychologically, mentally and emotionally and they see everything through the lens of homosexuality. When they talk about love they’re not talking about love, they’re talking about homosexual sex. So they can’t see clearly.” [Jackson Interview, via Right Wing Watch, 10/25/12]

E.W. Jackson: Homosexuality “Destroys Families, It Destroys Societies; It Brings The Judgment Of God”
In an interview with Peter LaBarbera and pastor John Kirkwood, E.W. Jackson said, “Homosexuality is a horrible sin, it poisons culture, it destroys families, it destroys societies; it brings the judgment of God unlike very few things that we can think of.” [Jackson Interview, Right Wing Watch, 10/25/12]

E.W. Jackson: “Planned Parenthood Has Been Far More Lethal To Black Lives Than The KKK Ever Was”
In September 2012, E.W. Jackson posted a video in which he called on the black community to end their “slavish devotion” to the Democratic Party. In the video, he said: “The Democrat Party has created an unholy alliance between certain so‑called civil rights leaders and Planned Parenthood, which has killed unborn black babies by the tens of millions. Planned Parenthood has been far more lethal to black lives than the KKK ever was.” [Bishop E.W. Jackson Video, 9/8/12]