Romney had Binders Full of Women…and the RNC has a database of diverse voters.

But still no agenda.

According to the Associated Press, as part of the RNC’s effort to reach out to new voters “the RNC has created an online database for the first time that allows staffers to quickly find fresh faces for media interviews. For example, an RNC spokesman said the tool could quickly locate a female Hispanic mom from New Jersey for a relevant media interview.” [AP, 8/15/13]

Earlier this year, the RNC released their Autopsy report where they pledged to change their ways and reach out to the voters who had been driven away by their extreme policies and rhetoric in 2012. Instead of changing their policies, the RNC thinks they can solve their problems by tracking binders full of diverse voters.

The RNC may be able to take the incredibly simple step of having lists of voters, but they will have a hard time convincing those voters to support Republicans who are committed to: bringing back pre-existing condition clauses and lifetime caps for her child’s health care; refusing to pass commonsense immigration reform with a path to citizenship and gutting funding for women’s health care at the state and national level.

To reach the voters that the RNC claims they need, they need to fundamentally change their policies, not just rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic.  They may think a database is innovative.  They might find an actual agenda that helps all Americans is actually more effective.