Romney's Pennsylvania Fantasy Turns into Disaster

If this state was in play (it wasn’t!), it ain’t now.

Michael Barbaro ‏@mikiebarb
"We've got to get out! My daughter is frostbitten," begs mom, asking to leave Romney rally. Staffer replies: "It's not cold enuf for that."

Sabrina Siddiqui ‏@SabrinaSiddiqui
. @JFKucinich is live tweeting more about the frustrated folks wanting to leave Romney rally.

Jackie Kucinich ‏@JFKucinich
People are literally streaming through the gates - Romney still speaking.

Ashley Parker ‏@AshleyRParker
This is a big rally for Romney in PA, but dozens of people -- cold and angry -- are begging to be let out.

Michael Barbaro ‏@mikiebarb
W/ Romney more than an hour late (but now speaking), dozens of people stuck in the cold, begging staffers to leave, use the bathroom...

Michael Barbaro ‏@mikiebarb
Rally in PA just went eerily quiet for 3 mins after a man collapsed in the audience. No music. No speaker. He's. Okay now tho. ‏@MoveOn
BREAKING: USA Today reporter says @MittRomney staffers are trapping people at rally in #PA. Won't let them

Andrew Kaczynski ‏@BuzzFeedAndrew
It looks staffers at the Romney event refused originally let ppl leave, despite their begging.

Jackie Kucinich ‏@JFKucinich
Man just pulled me aside and said "My son is on the verge of hypothermia" just as staffer starts letting people out a few at a time.