Senate Ratifies the New START Treaty

The Senate today ratified the New START Treaty by a vote of 71 to 26 – four more than the 67 votes needed to ratify a treaty of this kind. Ratifying this treaty was a crucial step toward keeping America safe and strengthening our global leadership on nuclear weapons issues. Following the vote, DNC Chairman Tim Kaine issued the following statement:

I applaud the Senate for its bipartisan vote to ratify the New START Treaty. As President Obama has said, that ratification is ‘fundamental’ to America’s national security, and the vast majority of foreign policy experts on both sides of the aisle agree that it will help to make America safer and will strengthen our country’s ties with Russia. The unfailing efforts of President Obama and Senate leaders to ratify the New START Treaty has made our nation stronger and more secure. Together, they proved that America’s safety is a bipartisan issue, and one on which our leaders can work together to achieve progress.