The Real Life Impact of the #GOPSequester

To: Interested Parties
From: Michael Czin, DNC National Press Secretary
Date: Tuesday, July 9, 2013
Re: The Real Life Impact of the #GOPSequester

This week, hundreds of thousands of Americans who work in the defense industry will see a 20% pay cut as the effects of the Sequester continue to be felt around the country. This is on top the other effects of the sequester – cuts at National Parks at the height of tourist season, reduced unemployment compensation and cuts to cancer and other medical research. Not to mention the draconian cuts to vital programs that affect at risk communities, like Head Start, Meals on Wheels, Medicare and so much more. 

These cuts were unnecessary and avoidable. Republicans stood with millionaires and billionaires over the American people and refused to support a balanced approach that called on everyone to pay their fair share to responsibly reduce our deficit.

What has been the Republican Party’s reaction to the consequences of their Sequester? A collective shrug on the part of Republican Party leadership and callous indifference to the real toll the Sequester is taking in communities around the country.

Mitch McConnell thinks people won’t be “inconvenienced” by their communities losing out on tens of millions of dollars. Chris Christie doesn’t think the sequester “is going to have [a] grave effect on anybody.” Rep. Tim Huelskamp called the cuts “a yawn.”

Hundreds of thousands of workers. Tens of billions of dollars in cuts this year. These are the costs of the latest blow dealt to our economy by the GOP Sequester. Despite all of this, the Republican Party’s official position on the Sequester is “Nothing to see here. Move along.”

The Republican Party thinks they are entitled to their own facts and their own reality when it comes to the real world effects of their Sequester. The effects of the Sequester are being felt in communities around the country and this week’s furloughs only prove that point yet again.

See below for Republicans denial about the effects of the Sequester on the American people.

Mitch McConnell:  “People Are Not Being Inconvenienced” By The Sequester Cuts.  “Ingraham:  Which brings me to the scaremongering on the sequestration.  I haven’t seen much in the way of a change after the sequestration – a miniscule cut – but the President spent a lot of time, including the Attorney General and Janet Napolitano spent a lot of time scaring people.  What’s your reaction to that?  McConnell:  Well, it’s kind of flopped, hasn’t it?  The skies are not… Planes are not falling from the skies.  People are not  being inconvenienced… There’s not a single Republican in the House or Senate that would raise  taxes a dime to help him turn off this, by most standards a modest spending reduction.”  [Laura Ingraham Show, 3/7/13; AUDIO]

Rand Paul On The Sequester: “We Survived. The World Isn’t Ending.” “‘On the sequester, I think we're actually winning the battle on this, the public relations battle. The president said 'the sky is falling, the world will end, oh my, we cannot possibly have the sequester’,’ Paul said. ‘But we survived. The world isn't ending.’” [CNN, 6/28/13]

Chris Christie:  “I Don’t Believe That Sequestration At One Cent On The Dollar Is Going To Have Grave Effect On Anybody.”  “Gov. Chris Christie today tossed off drastic across-the-board federal spending cuts known as sequestration as the latest bad idea to come out of Washington.  ‘I don’t believe that sequestration at one cent on the dollar is going to have grave effect on anybody or that anybody’s going to notice it all that much, except for some of the federal employees who are going to be furloughed,’ the Republican governor said during a news conference in Jersey City.”  [Newark Star Ledger, 3/4/13; Chris Christie Press Conference, Jersey City, NJ, 3/4/13; VIDEO]

House Transportation Chairman Bill Shuster:  “The Sky Isn’t Falling.”  “House Transportation Chairman Bill Shuster (R-Pa.) issued his own verdict within two weeks of the sequester taking effect March 1: ‘The sky isn’t falling.’” [Politico, 3/31/13]

Rep. Jeff Duncan:  “They Had The doomsday Scenario And The Sky Didn’t Fall.”  “’Their credibility — I don’t want to say it’s shot, but it’s definitely diminished,’ said Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.), who chairs a House subcommittee that has oversight over Homeland Security and has examined its sequestration predictions. ‘They’re going to have a hard time doing that, when they had the doomsday scenario, and the sky didn’t fall.’” [Washington Post, 6/30/13]

Rep. Michael Grimm:  The Sequester Is “Not Going To Be Nearly As Bad As Some Of My Colleagues Are Saying.  The Sky Is Not Falling.”  Grimm:  “There’s no question we can do a better job, that’s why I voted twice to change these cuts to do them more prudent, more efficient and effective.  But it certainly is not going to be nearly as bad as some of my colleagues are saying.  The sky is not falling.”  [WABC, 3/3/13; VIDEO]

Rep. Tim Huelskamp:  Sequester Cuts Are A “Yawn.”  “Republican lawmakers, while acknowledging the whole situation is far from ideal, have increasingly come to the conclusion that, no, they're not.   ‘Most of the nation will wake up Friday morning and
yawn,’ Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Kan., said.”  [, 2/27/13]

Rep. Tom Reed On The Sequester:  “The Sun Came Up And Planes Didn’t Fall Out Of The Skies.”  “Having failed to avoid the sequester, Rep. Tom Reed, R-Corning, thinks Congress will do better when it comes to comprehensive tax reform.  In his weekly telephone press conference, Rep. Reed, a member of the tax-writing House Ways and Means Committee, said of the sequester, ‘The sun came up and the planes didn’t fall out of the skies.’”  [Olean Times-Herald, 3/5/13]