DNC Announces Unprecedented Investment for the Midterm Election in Asian American and Pacific Islander Voters



The Democratic National Committee announced today the largest-ever investment in Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) paid media for a midterm election. The targeted paid media campaign is part of the Democratic Party’s most comprehensive AAPI voter education, mobilization, and outreach effort ever in a non-Presidential election year. 



Starting last week, the DNC began airing national radio advertisements on bilingual AAPI radio shows and networks, as well as Asian-language print advertisements in key AAPI print publications. The ads will air through Election Day and include 60-second spots that are in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, and Tagalog.  In addition, the DNC released online media buys to correspond with the radio and print campaign. 

“We’ve already seen the power of the AAPI vote in 2008,” said DNC Chairman Tim Kaine.  “The Democratic Party will continue to focus on direct voter contact with the AAPI communities across the nation because engaging AAPI voters will help to secure Democratic victories in targeted races across the country. We will continue to cultivate Democratic leadership that is inclusive of, and seeks to find opportunities for AAPIs and Americans of all backgrounds.”

The national radio and newsprint ads highlight that after 8 years of reckless Republican policies our country ended up in economic despair.  However, under President Obama and the Democrats the ad proclaims that “your voices have been heard and we have begun to move America forward.” 


The DNC’s paid advertising effort is just one component of the Democratic Party’s unprecedented effort to engage voters across the country.  As part of the DNC’s $50 million Vote 2010 campaign, the DNC has embarked on its most substantial effort ever in a midterm election to turn out long-time and newer AAPI voters.   All of our outreach material to AAPI voters has been translated into Tagalog, Simple Chinese, Vietnamese, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu and Korean.   Our outreach efforts include bilingual phone banking, bilingual materials, and AAPI small-business recruiting and canvassing. This has resulted in an unprecedented rate of voter contact with AAPI voters, more than the DNC has ever implemented in previous midterm election years.


In addition our overall outreach efforts, Chairman Kaine, along with DNC Vice-Chair Congressman Mike Honda, have hosted multiple AAPI National Leadership Meetings and Conference Calls in targeted states and races across the country including California, Pennsylvania, Washington, Hawaii, Nevada, and Virginia.  Congressman Honda stated that “even in a state as great as California, where AAPIs make up 12% of the electorate, there is much need for outreach to AAPI voters—new immigrants, the youth, the elderly, the limited-English proficient. I am proud to be part of the Democratic Party, which continues to find ways to engage and activate AAPI voters.”


The radio and newspaper ads are running in key Asian outlets in Virginia, California, Hawaii, Washington, Pennsylvania and Nevada.


Radio Script


1-30 Seconds: English-Mike Honda


Hello. I am Congressman Mike Honda.


8 years of reckless Republican policies led our country to economic despair.  2 years ago, you voted for change.


Under President Obama; your voices have been heard and we have begun to move America forward.


Americans can't afford to go backwards.


So I ask you to continue to stand with Democrats who are fighting to grow the American economy, extend middle-class tax cuts, support small businesses, and boost creation of jobs and expansion of new industries.


Stand with Democrats who will continue to deliver for Asian Americans and Pacific Islander communities.


Change is happening because of you. Together, we have begun to turn this country around. 


On November 2nd, Vote to move America forward.


Vote Democrat.



31-60 Seconds:

In Translation



On November 2nd, with your help and your vote, we will continue to move America forward.


8 years of reckless Republican policies led our country to economic despair. 2 years ago, you voted for change.


Under President Obama and the Democrats; your voices have been heard and we have begun to move America forward.


The economy is now growing, the private sector has created jobs, and 3 million Americans have been put back to work.


Americans can't afford to go backwards. Vote to move America forward. Vote Democrat November 2nd.