VIDEO: RNC Chair Priebus Voices his Opposition to “Tolerance”

Earlier this year, the RNC released an Autopsy report on the party’s failure in 2012. In the report, the RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and the RNC pledged to help make the GOP a more tolerant and inclusive Party.

In an interview with the CBN’s David Brody, RNC Chairman Priebus quickly distanced himself from supporting tolerance saying:

“First of all, I don’t know if I’ve used the word tolerance. I don’t really care for that word myself.”

In response to Chairman Priebus’s remarks, DNC Press Secretary Michael Czin released the following statement:

“Chairman Priebus said what political observers already know – the GOP has no intention of becoming a more open and inclusive party that reaches out to the many groups they alienated in 2012, like women, young people, African Americans, Latinos and the LGBT community. Since the 2012 Election, Republicans have shown no interest in changing their ways and have continued to support the same far right polices on everything from immigration to women’s health, signaling the failure of their short-lived rebranding effort. 

“Americans pride themselves on being inclusive and tolerant of others’ views, beliefs and traditions. Chairman Priebus’ statement that he doesn’t care for tolerance is a stunning admission for a national party leader but is not surprising in today’s GOP that caters exclusively to the extreme, far-right elements within their Party.

“The question for Chairman Priebus and the GOP is simple, if they don’t support tolerance, what exactly do they stand for?”