If the House fails to act, middle-class taxes go up in:

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On December 17, the Senate voted overwhelmingly in favor of the payroll tax cut: 89-10. Days later, House Republicans led the charge to prevent an extension of this tax cut, which would benefit 160 million middle-class Americans. What does that mean? Unless the House takes immediate action, taxes will go up by $1,000 for the typical American family on January 1. Here's a breakdown of how your representatives voted.


On December 17, in a show of overwhelming bipartisan support, the Senate voted 89-10 to cut taxes for 160 million middle-class families, and sent their bill to the House.

State Senator Party Vote

Source: Washington Post

* These senators voted against extending the payroll tax cut when the bill asked millionaires to pay their fair share.


On December 20, House Republicans voted along party lines to reject the Senate bill that extends the payroll tax cut.

State Representative Party Vote

Source: The New York Times