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  • The power of your vote in South Carolina

    South Carolinians are known for our strong opinions -- on sports, weather, politics, even BBQ. As a native of the Palmetto State, my friends, family, and neighbors share their opinions with me just about every day. And that has been my favorite part about traveling around the state as I run for the United States Senate -- hearing directly from the people.

    Unfortunately, South Carolina Republicans have repeatedly tried to make it more difficult to hear the opinions of us citizens. They are attempting to silence our voices by playing politics with our most fundamental right -- the right to vote.

    In few states has there been a harder fight for the right to vote than in South Carolina. The Department of Justice has intervened in over a hundred election laws through the Voting Rights Act over the years, including a voter ID bill. Thats why, when the Supreme Court weakened the Voting Rights Act, many attorneys thought the court got it wrong.   

    But after my initial disappointment in the Supreme Court decision, I quickly remembered the lessons of the Civil Rights Movement and what comes naturally to all South Carolinians -- to organize our neighbors, to mobilize our communities, and to make our voices heard. I decided that I was going to share my opinion with anyone and everyone who would listen.  And I want you to join me.

    Contact your state Democratic Party today and find out what you can do to help register and educate voters in time for this year's election. It is too important to wait.

    Rick Wade is a small business owner and former Senior Adviser and Deputy Chief of Staff to the U.S. Department of Commerce. He served as the Director of the South Carolina Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services from 1999 to 2002, and is currently running to represent South Carolina in the United States Senate.

  • Celebrating Rosa Parks

    In honor of Black History Month and Rosa Parks' birthday, we celebrate the many times she stood for fairness and equality -- and changed our nation along the way.

  • Protect access to the ballot box

    Share this graphic on Facebook or Twitter if you're ready to fight alongside President Obama to protect and expand access to the ballot box for every American.
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