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  • A Passover reflection

    In his Passover message last year, President Obama encouraged us to embrace the lessons of this holiday and "work to alleviate the suffering, poverty, injustice and hunger of those who are not yet free." This Passover, we turn to the symbols of past hardships to remind us of our responsibility to serve others. President Obama reminds us of this important value every day with his belief that America prospers when we're all in it together.

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  • President Obama's Passover message

    This week the White House released a Passover video message from the First Family. President Obama, along with Jewish members of his staff, will sit around the Passover table at the White House and to discuss the story of the Exodus. Watch this video of the President's Passover message.

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  • This week's Jewish outreach update

    In this week’s Jewish Outreach update we highlight our Jewish Outreach staff and examine the Administration’s strong support for the successful Iron Dome Anti-Missile defense system.

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American Jewish Community
Recent Action
White House hosted more than 100 members of the Jewish Social Justice Roundtable
July 29, 2011
The Roundtable is a collaboration of 20 organizations working to elevate the role of social justice in the Jewish community and to affect societal change that cuts across lines of race and faith.
Unprecedented financial commitment to Israel’s security
March 23, 2011
Under the Obama administration, Israel continues to be the leading beneficiary of U.S. security assistance funds from the Foreign Military Finance Program, sending Israel the largest-ever security assistance in 2011.