Americans with Disabilities

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  • Ending the war in Iraq: One veteran's story

    After having served in Al-Anbar Province, Iraq in 2006 during a heightened phase of the insurgency, it is hard for me to picture no U.S. troops there. But that is exactly what President Obama has accomplished, just as he promised while running for office. When he came into office, we had 150,000 troops on duty in Iraq, and by the end of this year, all of our nation’s troops will be back home from Iraq. Not only that, but President Obama is also drawing down the troops in Afghanistan – I can’t wait for the announcement that they are all coming home too.

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  • “What the Americans with Disabilities Act Means to Me”

    This week marks the 21st anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a landmark measure that has ushered in vast improvements in transportation, employment law, and civil rights for those with disabilities. Signed into law on July 26, 1990, the ADA has made the United States an example to the world and has helped reduce barriers so that anyone in our country can achieve their goals.

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Americans with Disabilities
Recent Action
Improving opportunities and government services for the disabled
The Recovery Act included additional support for the Individuals with Disabilities Act for vocational rehabilitation services to help with job training, education, and placement and helped reduce the log jam in processing disability applications.