Native Americans

Ten Reasons Why Native Americans, Alaskan Natives and Native Hawai‛ians are Democrats

Democrats stand for the issues important to American Indians. Tribal governments know what it means to meet the unmet needs of their citizens with unmet resources -- providing care and services to those less fortunate.

  1. Democrats support and respect tribal sovereignty
  2. Democrats stand for the protection of families and communities
  3. Democrats stand for working families who pay their fare share, not just those few born into wealth
  4. Democrats support full funding of programs that are critical to Native Americans – crucial health care and education programs
  5. Democrats have historically fought for and continue to fight for the same things that Indian Tribes believe in: providing for our children, our elderly, our veterans and those less fortunate
  6. Democrats believe in the protection of the environment and preservation of our natural resources. The Democratic Party respects tribes as the original stewards of the environment
  7. Democrats support federal assistance for public safety programs in tribal communities
  8. Democrats understand the federal government has a fiduciary trust responsibility to tribes that must be managed openly, honestly and responsibly and support a resolution of the trust fund case affecting thousands of Native citizens
  9. The Democratic Party focuses on policies that promote the economic development strides that strengthen tribal governments in Indian Country
  10. Like Tribes the Democratic Party knows the value of community – Democrats are about "We," not "Me"

Recent Updates
Native Americans
Recent Action
Strengthening tribal law enforcement and improving quality of life
Democrats passed the Tribal Law and Order Act to reduce violent crime in Indian Country by toughening law enforcement efforts, enhancing coordination and training, clarifying legal jurisdiction, and improving victim counseling.
Increasing access to higher education
Democrats passed the Recovery Act, which made targeted investments to increase college affordability and ensure greater access for more students.