Rural Americans

Recent Updates
  • Bringing Jobs and Smart Grid Technology to Rural America

    The Obama administration is committed to supporting energy efficiency and economic growth in rural America. This week the Honorable Tom Vilsack of the Department of Agriculture announced that the USDA will fund $900 million in smart grid technologies and improvements to generation and transmission facilities. This initiative will provide loans to rural electric cooperatives, lower energy costs for rural consumers, and create jobs across 14 states.

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  • Commemorating the Death of Cesar Chavez, a Civil Rights Icon

    Eighteen years ago today, America lost one of its greatest civil rights leaders and an icon of social justice, Cesar Chavez. Born in 1927 and raised in the fields of America’s Southwest, Chavez dedicated his life to fighting injustice through peaceful actions and noble protests. His legacy is the lasting change he fought for to empower working men and women.

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  • New Online Resource: The Consequences of Republicans’ Cuts

    Democrats and Republicans must come together in the weeks ahead, setting aside partisanship to reach an agreement to fund the government for the rest of 2011. President Obama has been clear that he is eager to find common ground with Republicans that eliminates wasteful spending and fuels economic growth. But the President cannot support the Republicans’ current plan, which is a partisan effort to bulldoze crucial programs – one that would cripple our economy.

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  • A New Resource To Learn More About President Obama’s Budget Priorities

    As the economy begins to recover from the worst recession in 80 years, President Obama proposed a plan to strengthen the incubators of growth while also helping our country live within its means. The plan makes targeted investments in education, innovation, and infrastructure – and is designed not just to create jobs right now but also to reinforce the pillars of long-term stability.

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Rural Americans
Recent Action
Helping development in rural areas
Democrats passed the Recovery Act, investing in the construction and renovation of water and wastewater systems, low-income housing loans, rural business programs, and the development of Forest Service facilities.
Increasing energy-related investments and disaster assistance
Democrats passed the Recovery Act, which invests heavily in biofuels research and development, renewable power, biomass electricity, and additional farm disaster assistance.
Providing food to low-income families
Democrats passed the Recovery Act, which increased benefits to low-income families through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.