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  • Meet Romney's latest right-wing endorser, John Kasich

    Mitt Romney has added another Tea Party governor to his list of endorsements, and this time, it's Ohio Gov. John Kasich. Kasich gained national notoriety last year when he led the charge to strip Ohio workers of their collective bargaining rights—an anti-union effort to which Romney gladly lent his support.

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  • Last night

    Last night's election results were a wholesale repudiation of extreme and divisive Republican policies, from immigration and women's reproductive rights to ballot access and the treatment of public employees.

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Union Members & Families
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President Obama announced his Startup America Legislative Agenda
January 31, 2012
President Obama outlined his Startup America Legislative Agenda, which includes provisions that cut taxes for small businesses, gets capital to growing companies, and relieves the backlog of employment-based immigrant visas
Creating greater health care competition and accountability
Democrats passed the Affordable Care Act, providing consumers more choices and improved accountability.