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  • “Top Ten Political Leaders We Need Right Now”

    Today on Morning Joe, there was a discussion of the "top ten political leaders we need right now."

    Here are their lists-- they reflect some great leaders but it left out some great women who have made America what it is today.

    Here is my list with some others that should be added:

    This list represents only a few of the countless female leaders who deserve our respect and admiration, and who have shown time after time that women can also help to get the job done.

  • Despite the tremendous impact of the Violence Against Women Act, the truth is that far too many women in this country still face the violent reality of domestic abuse and rape, and far too many die every day because of violence in their communities and their own homes. We can and must do more. As Democrats, we will continue to work tirelessly to prevent violence against all Americans. – Debbie Wasserman Schultz
  • We’re not going to let them win

    Republicans in Texas went against the will of the people and passed an extreme anti-choice bill. Our National Director of Women's Outreach sent the following email in response.


    Across the country, anti-choice activists are paying attention to what you're going to do right now.

    Late last night, the Texas legislature passed an extraordinarily restrictive law that will make it illegal for a woman to receive an abortion after 20 weeks, and may shutter all but five of the 42 abortion clinics in the state.

    The impact of this law will be felt by women and families far outside of Texas, because its passage will embolden the forces all around the country who want to roll back the right of a woman to make her own health decisions, one state at a time.

    Stopping them will require both resources and political will.

    Show them you're not going to let them win -- add your name to the petition now.

    Thousands of people -- men and women alike -- joined together to protest this bill. And those people are committed to fighting back over the long haul and turning the great state of Texas blue.

    But across the country, anti-choice activists are watching us, and any hint of resignation will be an encouragement for them to keep their campaign going into more and more states.

    We need everyone on board. Say you're in:



    Simone Ward
    National Director of Women's Outreach
    Democratic National Committee

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President Obama Appoints Four More Women to Federal Judgeships
May 17, 2013
President Obama nominated four women to federal judgeships, further illustrating his dedication to creating a federal judiciary that better reflects our nation.
Violence Against Women Act Reauthorized
March 7, 2013
President Obama signed the reauthorization of VAWA — a groundbreaking piece of the legislation that combats sexual assault by holding offenders responsible while aiding victims.
President commits to battling HIV/AIDS
December 7, 2011
On World AIDS Day President Obama directed $50 million in increased funding for the treatment and care of HIV/AIDS, a disease that disproportionally affects women both internationally and domestically.