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Short on $$$ and thinking about refinancing your student loans? Rand Paul says nah, brah. Uncool.
Show them that this is no way to win the White House. pic.twitter.com/k9sAWW3e36
Senator Ted Cruz, architect of the disastrous 2013 government shutdown, is running for president.
Democratic accomplishments
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Five years later, America is #BetterWithObamacare. pic.twitter.com/Mj1asqw6xE
They raised their voices. They marched. They risked their lives. And they made history.
Americans want progress. RT if you agree. pic.twitter.com/xFRrGj85JK
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ANNOTATED: A message before the President’s immigration speech
The Democrats
"We've cut the ranks of the uninsured by a third.” - President Obama pic.twitter.com/Tind4maiY2
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