LGBT Democrats
The Gay Men's Chorus of Washington celebrates by singing the National Anthem on the Supreme Court steps. #LoveWins…
LGBT Democrats
Marriage equality is the law of the land! Add your name to show your pride: #LoveWon
Today, love won. Celebrate:
2016 GOP Field
Let's watch the modern Republican (sorry – ReTRUMPlican) Party talk about immigration.
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Esto es lo que dicen los Republicanos sobre DAPA:
Democratic accomplishments
The President Speaks on the Supreme Court’s Ruling on the Affordable Care Act
The Democrats
Five years later, America is #BetterWithObamacare.
They raised their voices. They marched. They risked their lives. And they made history.
The Democrats
Wise words from President Obama at the annual White House Iftar dinner:
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ANNOTATED: A message before the President’s immigration speech
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"We've cut the ranks of the uninsured by a third.” - President Obama
Add your name to say you'll help defend Obamacare:
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