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On The payroll tax cut extension…Again

Mitt Romney called President Obama's payroll tax plan a "temporary little band-aid." But now, with the public favoring an extension, Romney has flip-flopped, saying he would "like to see the payroll tax cut extended." With Mitt Romney it's not what he says - but what he does. And his plan would help the wealthiest Americans and not the Middle Class. Watch the video, then share with your friends.

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being conservative

On being conservative

Mitt Romney desperately needs Tea Party support to win the GOP nomination this year. That's why he insists he's "just as conservative as I was four years ago. Maybe more so." But in 2002, Romney needed independents' support—and what did he say then? "I think people recognize that I'm not a partisan Republican, that I'm someone who is moderate, and that my views are progressive." If you can't trust Mitt Romney to say what he stands for, you can't trust him to stand for you. Watch this video and share it with friends.

Immigration… Again

On Immigration… Again

Mitt Romney supported John McCain and Ted Kennedy's 2007 immigration reform, which would provide a pathway to citizenship for those who entered the country illegally. Now that he's running for office (for Pete's sake), Romney wants to throw out undocumented veterans and split up families who have been here for decades. Watch the video, then share with your friends.

Veterans’s Health Care

On Veterans’s Health Care

Mitt Romney said he wants to privatize veterans' health care. Now, feeling pressure from veterans, he has flip-flopped (again) and claims he doesn't have "any proposal of that nature." Not even Romney knows where he stands. Watch the video, then share with your friends.