Over the past week, the Trump administration has continued to implement disastrous policies that would hurt workers, students, and families across the country. Here’s just a few that you might have missed:


The Labor Department hid an unfavorable report on the impacts of its proposed tip pooling rule.


Bloomberg BNA: “Labor Department leadership scrubbed an unfavorable internal analysis from a new tip pooling proposal, shielding the public from estimates that potentially billions of dollars in gratuities could be transferred from workers to their employers, four current and former DOL sources tell Bloomberg Law.”


Mick Mulvaney stripped enforcement and oversight powers from the CFPB’s Office of Fair Lending and Equal Opportunity, threatening the core mission of the office.


Washington Post: “The Trump administration has stripped enforcement powers from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau office that specializes in pursuing cases against financial firms accused of breaking discrimination laws, according to two people familiar with the matter and emails reviewed by The Washington Post. The move comes about two months after President Trump installed his budget chief, Mick Mulvaney, at the head of an agency that has long been in the crosshairs of Republicans. The Office of Fair Lending and Equal Opportunity had penalized lenders that it said had systematically imposed interest rates on minorities that were higher than those for whites.”


DeVos’ Education Department proposed putting student loans on debit cards to oversee and potentially control their usage.


BuzzFeed: “The Education Department is planning a pilot program that would put students' federal aid money onto prepaid debit cards, a move that could alter how student loan borrowers spend their financial aid. The prepaid card will allow the Education Department to monitor, and potentially even control, how and when student aid borrowers spend their excess student loan and grant money — a sharp change from how the federal aid program has typically operated.


Betsy DeVos planned on cutting loan forgiveness to students defrauded by for-profit colleges by 60 percent.


Associated Press:  “The Education Department's plan to provide only partial loan forgiveness to some students defrauded by for-profit colleges could reduce overall payments by about 60 percent, according to a preliminary analysis obtained by The Associated Press. […] The department said some students will now be getting only partial loan forgiveness to make the process fair and protect taxpayers from excessive costs. The agency will look at average income for specific programs to determine if the loans should be forgiven fully or partially.”


Jeff Sessions’ Justice Department effectively closed an Obama-era office dedicated to making legal aid accessible to all citizens.


New York Times: “The Justice Department has effectively shuttered an Obama-era office dedicated to making legal aid accessible to all citizens, according to two people familiar with the situation. The division, the Office for Access to Justice, began as an initiative in 2010 under former Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. to increase and improve legal resources for indigent litigants in civil, criminal and tribal courts.”


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