“Democrats know that our nation, our communities, and our lives are made vastly stronger and richer by faith in many forms and the countless acts of justice, mercy, and tolerance it inspires.”

-Democratic Party Platform

The Faith community has a natural home in the Democratic Party. Our party is committed to tolerance, charity, extending a helping hand, and improving the wellbeing of others — all values consistent with the teachings of faith. Between efforts to combat AIDS in Africa to homelessness in our neighborhoods, faith can be a powerful bond that compels us to serve our community and unite around a common purpose.

Lighting the Menorah at the White House

The Democratic Party embraces people of all faiths. We stand for an open and respectful interfaith dialogue because we believe it can lead to greater tolerance and acceptance.

Democrats believe in the Constitution — which protects the right of all Americans to worship how they choose, and also protects us from the state imposing any one religion on Americans.

President Obama delivers remarks during an Iftar dinner celebrating Ramadan

Democrats believe that opportunity and the American dream should be available to every person, regardless of their faith, and Hillary Clinton lives by these words she learned through Methodist teachings: “Do all the good you can, for all the people you can, in all the ways you can, as long as ever you can.”

Hillary Clinton praying with others at an AME conference in Philadelphia

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